BUJUMBURA, Aug. 15 (Xinhua) -- The Union for National Progress (UPRONA) party that fought for Burundi's independence in 1960s Sunday got a new chairman.
Burundian First Vice-President Gaston Sindimwo, also member of the UPRONA managing team, attended the congress held in Gitega town, 102km east of the Burundian capital Bujumbura. The congress brought together UPRONA representatives countrywide.

Abel Gashatsi was elected as new chairman of the UPRONA in replacement of Concilie Nibigira.
He beat MP Andre Ndayizamba who was the only challenger. Gashatsi got 785 votes out of 893 voters (while Ndayizamba got 93.
The UPRONA also set up a council of wise persons made up of seven members.
During the last decade, the UPRONA has faced several divisions.
Gashatsi said in collaboration with other leaders of the party, "I will do all my best to bring back former members of the UPRONA who have left the party".
Founded in 1958, the UPRONA is Burundi's oldest party that allowed the east African country to reach its independence on July 1, 1962 under the leadership of Prince Louis Rwagasore.